UML Online Examples

Browse interesting UML diagram examples made by the GenMyModel community. All the public following examples can be forked and adapted to your needs.

You can select any of those examples to bootstrap your UML online project quickly with no installation or delay. Once forked, add collaborators to work in real time on your diagrams directly right in the browser.


Online customer can browse or search items, view specific item, add it to shopping cart, view and update shopping cart, checkout. User can view shopping cart at any time.


Classes, operations, attributes : learn the basics of the UML class diagram. Useful example to get started quickly with UML class diagrams


A really simple example of sequence diagram, with just two method calls


This model of a computer demonstrate the use of the following design patterns: <ul><li>composite pattern</li><li>adapter pattern</li><li>proxy pattern</li><li>facade pattern</li><li>decorator pattern</li></ul>See this article on our blog for more information: <a href="" title="design patterns examples"></a>


A simple Singleton design pattern represented as a Class in a UML Class diagram.


This UML example model use both a Class Diagram and a Sequence Diagram to describe the hierarchy and the ordering process in a restaurant.


This UML State Machine describe the lifecycle of a Seminar.


A use case diagram about roles of participant in a Box Office.

UML Public Examples by the GenMyModel Community